DLF The Camellias – Book This To Enjoy Immensely

There was a time when buying home was just the easy matter where you check out the space and you find it appropriate you seal it. But the sea change in the lifestyle and in conceptualization homes have pushed the boundaries of consideration where only property is not the only thing with that lot more parameters to be cracked down.


No matter how many projects are available in the market the point to notice is that which the best one is where one can look for happy result. As, there are properties of disappointment where buyers literally sad about where they have invested? So to stay off from this situation try to make the selection that has benefits till its end.

Another important fact to disclose home buyers should keep this fact in mind that property investment is not a child’s play where your only concern is to grab the property and start having dreams of getting filthy rich day by day, it will takes its actual time to boost.

It is always said that in real estate investment never go with the word things which are visible only believe in that and try to see things from your own eyes instead of which believing what others are saying, likewise, I have perfect option to give which is marked out as an home for real lifestyle where you can fall in love with single thing of it as DLF New Project is there to push the limits of lifestyle where one is gratis to explore life in its own way and probably for that builder needs complete kudos for all the home buyers who were looking for A-one property where they can enjoy every bit of it without swaying by other options.

dlf the camellias

The purpose of sharing this is to give you best of the best investment option which you can regard as beneficial option to go with for the right space and for the address that is representing excellence and perfection in the growing society.

DLF The Camellias this project needs heavy words to expound because this elite property that has every pinch to give the right punch of luxury, comfort, satisfaction, happiness and thrill. The prime ideal of conceptualizing this project is to give the required ambience to those who looking for something beyond the line where they not only enjoy the home treatment but with that they also get the freedom to move and explore things which they want to under one roof and this is the actual reason of putting this brilliant property in Gurgaon holding all crop of the cream elements to sway home buyers and give them the charm to bring more charm into the lifestyle.

This project is a great mishmash of 4 BHK, 5 BHK, 6 BHK Apartments and Penthouses (7350 – 16290 Sq.Ft.) out-spread over 16 acres of land to give fine beauty to the project and make it a wide space to live in with family. Its 16 towers with total 429 apartments give enough space to explore and enjoy every bit of it.

Another prime reason that pushes you to invest in is its location which in sector 42, Gurgaon and its benefits comes like this:-

  • Smartly Connected to Ch. Raghvendra Singh Marg Golf Course Road for further ease in travelling
  • IGI Airport comfort which is approx 30 Minutes’ Drive.
  • Gurgaon Railway Station bring more benefit to your travelling
  • ISBT Gurgaon: 18 Kms. Approx
  • Rapid Metro another vital asset in travelling is close to you
  • Prime school-Lancers International School: 1.3 Kms Shalom Hills International School: 1.9 Kms.
  • Entertainment zone, corporate zone and complete social infrastructure all are at comfortable distance to enjoy its presence and make day to day life even better.As a whole, this housing project has the right mixture of everything that you to look in any project and beyond this you can fetch right value against your investment and get a space that has standard to imbibe and class to cherish.

DLF New Town Heights – Here Comes The Right Space To Enjoy

There is always a way, then you don’t which way to go, that’s not a problem because here we will tell you the right way to put your capital which will give you intact relief where you are satisfied with an investment and in change of it you will fetch valuable asset to stay with throughout or sell it at the time when the market is in its best position to give maximum and exciting.


Needless to say, real estate investment is a lucrative way to get utmost benefits in exchange of your capital. Other than this, the most important point to keep in mind is that you should not always take investment as a tool to become filthy rich as it takes time and the right market to take place so that it doles out best to its owners.

In that rush and excitement we generally make investment which are not fruitful, because of the rosy pictures of property we swayed completely and then we left with nothing but just to invest in it.

So it’s an advice keep yourself away from these blunder or call it silly but big mistakes and explore real estate market more to be at least clear about where you are investing which is important as well as this pre-investment of planning will show optimistic result on your investment.

Gone are the days when property with four walls was sufficient to check and but today an entire picture of investment in property. Let’s check what all you have to see or check meticulously:-

  • Delay penalty given to you or not
  • Property is lease hold or free hold
  • Talk about everything to your broker and be clear about where you are investing
  • All approvals done by the builder before so that you are exempt from this duty
  • Know the history of the builder and their status to get glimpse of where they stand and what they are capable of
  • Understand the current market because this way you can save good
  • Whosoever it is just don’t fall for words because above that there is a reality that you need to imbibe instead
  • Prefer re-sale property as you get the property below the market price, so it’s a benefit for you

So make sure your move is a right move where you have determination and information both to go with right decision.

Now let’s get an option where you can make your investment and get a true home space where you and your family are gratis to explore the different kinds of amenities which forms thrill and excitement throughout the time.


DLF New Town Heights (in sector 86, 91 and 92, Gurgaon) this housing complex is a great mix of 3 and 4 BHK apartments where each of them is planned for modern living and an ambience which feels so safe and attractive. Undoubtedly, DLF builder has used utmost skills to form these A-one apartments; first, the best use of space is done to get every inch under use and second, the planning of each apartment is done to maintain its privacy, comfort and freshness.

Reasons with which you can change your mind, reputed builder DLF, location Gurgaon which today is considered to be a location crammed with excellent job opportunities as well as place where one can find immense commercial and residential options to go with. So these are the three appealing reasons which can actually sway you have investment in a property that has value and more chance to uplift and above all this, the property is available for re-sale that means you have possibility to get your dream property below market price.

In a nutshell, this DLF Property is a chance to get a modern property in a price range that is attractive that too in Gurgaon to get a humdinger home address representing your status and choice very well